Emotional Attachment

The word attachment feels hot and the word detachment feels cold and impersonal.

They both may be used as a tool for survival and both are not healthy in the long term.

I like to focus on emotional attachment. Emotional attachment may seem kind, warm and caring.

Too much emotional attachment, especially in a group setting (families, ideological groups, tribes), can take away our identity and inner joy.  It can create guilt when we are happy and ultimately resentment toward others.

What are some dynamics of emotional attachments?

  • When someone in a group feels sad, you are expected to be sad.
  • You should not be happy, if others are not happy.
  • You should not enjoy anything, if others are suffering.
  • You should be happy when others are happy.

Emotional attachment can be portrayed as love, but it is not love. Love is accepting (of what we feel) and helps us grow in our vibration.

How expecting others to be sad/angry for our sadness/anger makes us or others more vibrant?

Feeling empathy for others does not require us to lower to our vibration to show care. How can we support/help anyone effectively when we lower our vibration?  

Empathy means having understanding for their situation and providing support when possible, while we keep our energetic integrity.

Look at your relationships/interactions during the day:

  • How much the moods of friends/family/coworkers or tone of news impacts your mood?
  • Do you feel guilty for not feeling the same as others? Do you feel agitated?
  • Why?

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