Dealing With Our New Reality

It is like a bad movie or perhaps a dream that we want to wake up from. Is it real?

Things has changed so quickly.  It is hard to believe.

We are pushed to take our life situation moment to moment to maintain our peace and sanity.

It is scary, if you are not used to uncertainty.  There are so many changes in our work, financial condition, living condition, sense of security and our interactions with others.

Many things that we took for granted have disappeared. Yet still are many things that we need to be grateful for.

I can imagine if I had experienced this situation 10 or 20 years ago I would have had a much harder reaction (I have observed, over the years, how my thoughts about difficult events have been inaccurate).

Many of us have an active imagination and assume the worst case. We also, identify with our job or finances which, with the current situation, may appear as treat to our identity and self-worth.

There are silver linings at the end of the situation.

I imagine that we will have more joy in doing previously mundane things such as having a coffee with a friend, hugging a friend, going to work, going to a restaurant, dancing or shopping at stores with full supply.

The question is what to do day to day?

  • Take care  of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Stay calm and do your best every day
  • Do not over think things;  Being fearful weakens your  immune system and takes your joy away
  • Focus on uplifting tasks such as journaling, reading, meditation, exercise or dance
  • Set a routine; many things has changed and a little discipline brings structure to your life
  • Stay connected with friends and family
  • Help others the best way you can;  It can be helping with grocery or listening to or inspiring someone
  • It is a great opportunity to work on something you love to accomplish. Perhaps it is the book you did not have time for or an exciting project at home
  • Find reasons to smile and focus on what you are grateful for (can you imagine a life with no internet, water or electricity?)
  • Think about a year from now; what inspiring story would you want to share with others?

Copyright @2020 by Shervin Hojat

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