Daily Choices

We all feel the chaotic energy and change around us which can sometimes be unsettling.  We may fall into despair because we can not fix events, or become overwhelmed with fear and anger when dealing with them.   The good news is that we have choices in focusing on our thoughts and feelings that bring us down or lifts us up.  Sometimes, what it simply boils down to is the fact that with conscious control over our thoughts and emotions, we have a great impact upon how we experience events in our daily life.
There is no doubt that everyone has challenges they may not have control over:  be it a sick child, economic hardship, family issues or relationships.  Instead of losing hope and becoming depressed, we need to focus on those emotional outcomes that help us enjoy the unexpected, mundane and boring tasks of everyday life.
In the context of tending to our garden within, unsettling changes that we experience can be compared to seasonal weather changes.  We do not have any control if the winter is cold or mild, or if the summer is hot or too rainy.  Instead of being upset at the change of seasons (times), we can focus on how we can help our garden within despite all that is happening around us.  Maybe we need to energize our soil (soul) in our garden, or put protective materials in our garden within to keep our fruit trees and flowers from the elements, something that is directly under our control.  The poem below illustrates how every day we have choices and conscious control over our thoughts and emotions in dealing with daily chores.
Our Daily Choices
Every morning that we wake up
 we may face
the same boring job
the same house chores
the same difficulty with a family member
the same issues with difficult a co-worker.
In reality, when we open our eyes in the morning we make choices with our thoughts and feelings.
Will we choose to feel happy or sad?
Will we choose to feel joy or the lack of it?
Will we choose to feel empowered or victimized?
Will we choose to feel connected or disconnected?
Despite all our difficult situations,
we all have the power to create thoughts and emotions that keep us down or lift us up.
Think about
what it is like to be happy, joyful, prosperous, and loving.
Can you focus on the energy when you are
disconnected, confused, or helpless today?
Think about something that makes you feel joy.
Can you focus on the feeling of this joy while dealing with your challenges today?
Think about something that makes you feel connected with the Universe.
Can you focus on this feeling while dealing with your difficult situations today?
It is through practice and being conscious
of our feelings
that we can raise our emotional vibrations
no matter what we do.
Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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