Connect The Dots

by Shervin on February 29, 2016

Sometimes we do not understand reasons for events in our lives immediately. Sometimes we can connect the dots in a short time. I am sharing a touching experience that I feel I connected the dots.

Walking on the winding path on a hill
She rushed toward me out of nowhere!

She stopped a few feet away
While trying to catch up her breath
She starred into my eyes!

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes
Immediate connection was made

I inquired
Why is she staring at me?
Why is she not afraid of me?

Her eyes were communicating
I felt love as well as fear in her beautiful eyes

In awe and curiosity
I was connecting with a tiny stranger who was not afraid of my size!

Looking up few yards ahead
I suddenly noticed a larger creature crossing my walking path

The creature was a predator to her
Perhaps a danger to me if I was not distracted by her eyes

It suddenly downed on me
With courage and love, the lizard was warning me of the rattle snake ahead

I felt the Universal love
Joyful tears rolled down on my face

Reminder that angels are in many forms and sizes
They attempt to connect with us all the time
All it takes is our attention and curiosity to experience them

Be curious
Be attentive
Connect the dots

Copyright @ 2016 by Shervin Hojat

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