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How do you feel connected with someone?  For many, connection is about being seen (noticed), heard (back and forth communication) and being valued (matter).
These days we have devices that make us feel connected; we stare at a small screen; take it everywhere; talk to it; smile and cry looking at it. When we misplace the device it is as if we have lost a dear friend.

Lately, I have noticed at many restaurants where couples or entire families are looking at their devices and there is minimal interaction. Also, many families at home during dinner or breakfast are busy reading and watching their devices.

We are definitely more communicative with such devices. We may know many specific things about our friends yet rarely talk to them! The real questions are: Do you really feel connected?  Do you feel seen or heard? Do you feel sustained by the new technologies?  Do you think it can replace face to face human interaction and still be fulfilling?

Click Away

Fast paced, hurried world
no longer can support our heart connection.

We have become empty shells attached to our electronic devices.

Real smiles have turned into yellow smiley faces on screens.

“I am glad to hear from you”
“I support your cause”
all turn into a like button!

Deep conversations
are turned into mundane discussions
about weather, cars and traffic congestion.

Communication is now text messages;
quick, short, emotion free, with minimum attention.

Phone calls are mostly for conducting business
not for connecting.

Face to face get togethers are now just for weddings and funerals.

Empty shells click on electronic devices.

Click click makes us feel communicative
not connected.

Click click takes away our heart connection.

Copyright @ 2013 by Shervin Hojat

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