Have you thought about your childhood?  Have you inquired about your friend’s or spouse’s childhoods?

The lessons learned in our childhood are what we replay and do as an adult.  If we are not aware of those patterns and their early impact as a child, we will continue to replay our childhood patterns as an adult unconsciously.



Looking back at her childhood
she thought, “What was it like to be a child”?

A child who was her parent’s unfulfilled dreams.
A child who did not have play time so she could focus on “important” tasks.
Now an adult who
does not know how to be a wondrous playful child for a minute.

A child who did not feel special.
There was always someone or something that needed more attention.
Now an adult who
still tries so hard to feel special and feels like a failure.

A child who did not get enough cuddle time.
Now an adult who
finds cuddling a foreign concept
and the memory of it brings a big lump in her throat.

A child who did not have time to dance and sing.
Now an adult who
sees too much suffering around for her to be selfish enough to sing and dance.

A child who did not see love between her parents.
Now an adult who
does not expect a fulfilling relationship in her own life.

How was your childhood experience different than what you are experiencing now?

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