Change of Plan

by Shervin on February 11, 2018

The plan was I take my mother from Virginia to San Francisco on Feb 6.   My mother was admitted a week before to hospital due to flu and other complications. We could not take the trip on Feb 6. There was a change in our plan. My mother took a different trip on that day.

My mother, Azam, was a great artist and loved nature. In the last few years of her life she was very present. She did not talk about past or future when we had tea or ice cream or watched people. Just being in the now was our biggest experience.

My mother loved her children and sacrificed for them greatly.  She also loved her grandchildren and was proud of them. She was a nurse midwife and loved any child who she met (I had to stop her rushing toward children in malls to hug them).  My mother was happy when children were happy and felt sad when she felt their pain.

My mother was also very caring. When in nursing home, acted as the nurse in charge. Always caring about other people and trying to hold their hands or calm them down or feed them.

My mother believed in education. I remember my mother sent several of our young house-helpers to school at her own expense so that they can have a better future.

My mother was a very proud and strong woman. While the Doctors kept telling us that soon she will be gone (for three years), she did not accept and even mentioned that she had lung cancer (never owned the cancer). The cancer along with memory loss, flu and other unfortunate factors had to conspire together to bring down the giant soul. Her last day was also act of love for her children.

My parents were both afraid of dying alone.  My father died alone at a hospital, in Iran, while we were en-route from US to visit him. My mother did not manifest and experience that fear. My sister and I were blessed to be by my mother and share our love and hold her hands while she took her last precious breaths.

I am grateful for several gifted friends who, supported me, and guided my mother’s transitions prior and after her departure through messages from her higher self. My mother communicated her wishes, her forgiveness, her love and appreciation to her loved ones and her regrets as part of preparing for her ultimate freedom.

Even though I feel raw inside from her departure, I know she is in a better place.  I am proud of the woman who gave me life and always was happy to see me. I am very happy that at age 54, I started telling her, “I love you”, in Farsi whenever I talked with her. I know expressing my love had immense impact on her and myself.

I learned a great deal from this wonderful woman and I am blessed to have her as my mother and teacher. Mom, go toward the light and be in peace.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat

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