Change of Consciousness

Have you ever experienced a change of your consciousness?  What did you experience and what did you feel?

I had an opportunity to experience Body Electronics which helps one to remember past repressed memories (what we have resisted in our current life or previous lives) and transcend them with love and enthusiasm.  The experience was very intense!

I felt peace and calm after experiencing the drama of resisting the pain of remembered memories where I was feeling angry and helpless.  It was like walking from an extremely hot temperature to an air conditioned room.  It was like turning a light on in a dark room.  The experience helped me realize how repressed memories and emotions can alter my perspective of my current reality.


Change of Consciousness

What is it like when our consciousness changes?

Will you remember your previous conscious state?

The experience may be different for each person.

When waking up from a dream
did you remember what transpired in your dream clearly?

Similar to recalling a dream,
the memory of our previous state of consciousness
may be foggy and piece-meal.

You may be very excited about your wake up experience
yet words are not sufficient to express your experience.

At first, you may feel uneasy about your unfamiliar new state of consciousness.

Fear and worry are not driving your actions
in the new state!

Refreshed and wondering.

Many questions come to mind!

Will our physical death feel the same as a change of consciousness?

Will the resulting change of consciousness at death be similar
to waking up from a dream?

Will we remember our life as a foggy dream
after our death?

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