Birthday Reflections

by Shervin on February 1, 2016

Why we celebrate our birthdays as adults? Perhaps this is one of the few times in a year that the focus can be on ourselves and we can celebrate with family and friends. Perhaps also at subconscious level, we are celebrating our first successful re-birth process and reminding ourselves that we can survive and thrive other re-births during our life time.

I know many people do not like celebrating birthdays because they feel they are losing their youth. One reason we do not like aging is because we have not lived the life we feel we should have lived physically, emotionally or spiritually.

On our birthdays, we all at some point reflect about our lives. We may ask what we have accomplished, how we feel about ourselves, how we have grown emotionally and spiritually, and if our lives feel meaningful.

As I was writing this blog prior to my birthday, I wondered what is that I want the most to receive for my birthday. Is it a fancy post card, expensive gift, a hug, birthday wishes, free dinner, a day off, phone calls and/or something different?

I realized the most important thing at this stage of my life is becoming aware how my life has made a difference in other people’s lives and more clarity on what keeps me alive inside.

The day before my birthday, I made a promise to myself to be more pro-active in expressing my appreciation to friends and family who have influenced and helped me and are currently supporting me in my re-births.

On my birthday, to my surprise, in addition to many warm birthday wishes, I received three surprise phone calls from friends telling me why they are happy I was born and how I have impacted their lives. On my birthday, I received gifts that I was planning to give out more consciously.

Do not wait for a big event. Remind your loved ones and friends how they have made a difference in your life and why you are happy they were born. We all need this reminder in our seemingly chaotic world.

Happy re-birthing. You make a difference.

Copyright @ 2016 by Shervin Hojat

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