Birthday Gift

by Shervin on January 28, 2017

My birthday was approaching and I was thinking of what I wanted as a present if the Universe could give me anything I wished? It was not what I was expecting.

Image of my parents holding me and smiling at me appeared. I became overwhelmed emotionally. I cried for a while. I pondered about this issue for several days.

I realized that I was seeking unconditional love and safety from my parents who physically can no longer provide. I then concluded that needed to become my own parents to grant my wish.

I asked myself what can I do to feel safe and loved 24 hours a day?

I realized my own thoughts are the biggest source of my fear, worry and unease. I also realized nobody can manage or protect me from my thoughts better than myself.

On my birthday, I wish to unconditionally love myself and feel safe by letting go of thoughts and beliefs that are terrorizing me – something any loving parent would do.

What present do you desire for your birthday?

Copyright @ 2017 by Shervin Hojat

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