Beware of Iceberg

by Shervin on April 27, 2015

Do you put lots of effort into your activities that are important to you? Does it seem to be difficult to succeed at them or complete them with ease? Does it seem that you know what the right thing to do is and it is a struggle to do the right thing?

You may believe it is more productive if one is calm; yet you may not be calm most of the time during the day. Something does not add up! Why you are not doing that which is in your best interest?

You are looking at the tip of the iceberg. You need to investigate what is hidden underneath the water. What is hidden from you is your subconscious beliefs. You want to be calm and you do your best to reach your goal. The tip of the ice berg is your knowledge and desire that you want to be calm. Yet your subconscious may have the following beliefs: “It is a scary place here”, “I am on my own”,” It is not safe” and “Something bad always will happen”. What is in your subconscious will sabotage your best intended efforts.

You are only conscious of 12% of your beliefs and the other 88% are hidden. You attract events based on your beliefs. It is a real problem if you are consciously trying to be calm and yet many beliefs are creating unease and terror in you.

This may be a big reason for your struggles. The subconscious is the king! Your outcomes are based on your conscious and subconscious (dominant) beliefs. Next time, when something does not go the way you wanted; make an attempt to find out what beliefs caused that to happen. Remember that Universe is conspiring to grant your wishes based on your beliefs. Finding out about your core beliefs (childhood or ancestral) is the first step toward changing them. Changing your limiting beliefs will allow your life to run much smoother.

Copyright @2015 by Shervin Hojat

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Sonia December 26, 2015 at 5:50 am

There is nothing that you can do that will guanratee you a trip to heaven. No matter how good you are, everyone of us does wrong as well . no one was ever without sin except of Christ. So whoever does get there it is only by the good graces of a merciful God to overlook our wrong-doing and give us forgiveness. Certainly we can try to constantly improve ourselves by prayer and by making the sincere effort to do good and not to sin. I am certain that no matter how many times we fail God will take our TRUE effort into account.


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