Being Yourself

You have heard the statement that “I want to be myself”.

What does it really mean?

For some, it simply means do not want to be like person X or under control of person X.

Such a reaction is natural and common. It is like going to a restaurant to order a meal and you say “I do not want a hamburger”. Great first step.

How can you be yourself, if you do not know who you are?

How can you get to know who you are?

The prerequisites for finding the answer is to be free and honest with self.

How much of your daily actions are based on your inner freedom?

  • Do you feel free to express your opinions?
  • Do you feel OK if others do not agree with you?
  • Are you free enough not to care how others judge you?
  • Are you free enough to question your assumptions?
  • Are you free enough to follow your heart?

To know you, first you need to become aware of factors that block your freedom.

Take inventory of your thoughts and action for a day.

  • How many of them are energetic and heart centered?
  • How many of them are out of obligation and you force yourself to do them?
  • How many of them are reactions to people and events?

How free are you?


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