Being Present

Have you heard someone say “be present”?  What does it really mean in our day to day life, apart from meditation or being in nature, to be present (i.e. single minded focus)?
A check for being present is when we talk with our spouse, mate, friends, co-workers.  Are we listening to what they say, or do we just nod our head (with a couple of uh uh/yes) when our mind is totally somewhere else, watching TV, reading papers or texting?
We build relationships with others by being in the same time and space while connecting with them emotionally.  We like people who listen to us, ask us caring questions, and come across as genuine.  The common trait for people who come across as caring and genuine is their presence when communicating through listening and questions.
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important to put our total attention on what is important (enjoying flowers in our garden) rather than multiple things and not fully benefiting from any of them.  Imagine trying to simultaneously plant flowers, watch birds, play with your dog and be still.  Most likely, in such a scenario we will not enjoy any of these activities and we will not accomplish any one thing well.   The poem below explains this concept further in the context of our relationships.
Being Present
I wish us both to be present.
When I speak
I wish you to be present.
No thought of the next word to say.
No need to think of tomorrow’s to do list.
No need to think of delayed projects.
When you speak
I wish to be present.
No need of rehashing the past
to defend a hardened position.
No need of interrupting you
to feel heard or important.
I wish, one day
I feel your total presence.
I wish, one day
you feel my total presence.
I wish us both to be present.
Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. reneevosdewael says:

    I did enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for connecting with me.

    Blessings Renee

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