Be Clear!

by Shervin on June 6, 2016

Our words are created into images which are powerful means to manifest and impact our energetic field.

Think of a person that you consider positive. It is most likely about how upbeat that person describes things in their conversations. Usually being around such a person you may feel more energized.

There are times that we describe something in an ambiguous an inaccurate way. If our description is ‘negative’ and ambiguous then we are most likely feeding more negative energy to it.

Let assume if I tell you, “I feel horrible”. What do you imagine? You most likely imagine what is “horrible” for you and imagine that I am in that situation, which may not be the truth of situation. At that instance you are sending me a more negative image of how I actually am.

What if, I am feeling nauseated and I am judging it as horrible?  What would you imagine if I tell you “I am nauseated?” The image you have for me most likely will not be as negative as horrible.

I can go on with similar words like: “I am being tortured” or “I am being hurt” or “They are destroying us”.

Next time you share something with a friend or family, try to share the fact and share how you feel (I am nauseated and I feel uncomfortable). Do not allow someone else to negatively project on you how if your words are exaggerated in a negative way.

Copyright @ 2016 by Shervin Hojat


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