How can we feel more satisfied and abundant?

The general trend in most societies is that we need to have more things.

If that is the case, then why so many wealthy people are not happy and do not feel satisfied?

What brings us satisfaction and feeling of abundance is inner appreciation not necessarily what we buy.

How is that possible?

You do not need to own the oceans to appreciate the beauty of sunset on water.

You do not need to own a beach front property to enjoy walking on the beach.

You do not need to own a zoo to appreciate the birds.

You do not need to own jungles to appreciate the trees and tree blossoms.

You do not need to own a dog to love animals.

You do not need to have advanced degree to have empathy and understanding.

You however need the right mindset and open heart to appreciate your life.

Appreciation arises from our attitude and belief about life.

Appreciation arises from celebrating to be alive, despite all the challenges we may be facing.

Appreciation arises from being free of past or future and enjoying what is in front of us.

Appreciation arises when we open ourselves to connect with the Universe without any conditions or expectations.

What do you appreciate that gives you a deep satisfaction?

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