Ancestral Healing

We are all healers. As healers we need to go through our own healing and growth as well as helping heal others.

Recently, I felt a need for a healing to be facilitated by Shannon, who lives in Houston, Texas. This was two days before I was teaching a class about eye patterns and the influence of our ancestors. I help my clients understand their ancestral emotional patterns reflected in their eyes.

Shannon, after a short meditation, told me that I needed to deal with my ancestors tonight! I said perfect. I told him that I would be teaching a class about our ancestors influence in two days. I said it is time for me to have my own personal experience with the issue before I share it with others.

He took me back to my childhood by asking me some questions. He sensed that something happened to me when I was three months old in my mother’s womb!  He asked me to focus and feel what I was feeling.  I felt an immense darkness (grief, anger, fear …) which took me more than 60 minutes to process (screaming, crying, etc.). I realized that I had taken my ancestors emotions and took them as my own.

Can you imagine how at an early age we feel responsible for another’s pain and suffering? I also realized I am supposed to own those feelings and process them so my ancestors can be in peace.

It was a really dark, sad, place there. I had to finally imagine vast ice fields (my escape mechanism) to be able to get out of that place that had many occupants. I called it hell! It was so much pain and grief.

Afterwards I felt immense love for myself and my family who were experiencing those emotions. I realized how vast the family pain can be inside us. As we process and heal our ancestral emotions (Epi-genetics tells us unresolved emotions can be transferred to future generations through DNA), we bring healing to ourselves and our ancestors and our children and grandchildren.

I also realized we can be in an emotional hell and we may not realize it at all.  I have learned a great lesson about the depth of our ancestor’s unresolved emotions. I realized that I am starting to become more responsible for myself by allowing myself to experience and process those emotions which enable me to help others better.

What ancestral unresolved feelings do you harbor? Are you aware of any? Are you ready to own and heal them for yourself and your ancestors?


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