Altering Your Mood

You have heard the statement that you create your own reality and potential happiness. Is it true?

I agree with the above statement based on my own experiences where changing one thought can change my mood.

There may be events that we may not have control of or at surface is not our own creation. But how we think about it, has direct impact on us.

Imagine worry and fear about finances that you may not have enough income. 

How do you feel as a result of that thought? I would feel worried, scared and agitated.

Imagine now if you can change the thought and belief that your finances in the future will be taken care of and you will figure it out.

How would you feel as the result of that thought? I would feel relaxed, calm and energetic.

We can list many other similar thoughts that can bring us misery or joy.

It may sound optimistic to think about positive side of issues. For many people, including myself, being calm and relaxed provides better opportunity to solve issues. 

I know there are people who are constantly worried and are on guard. I have not seen much calmness and presence in them. They usually ends up moving from one drama to another with no joy.

Our situation in life, is a hybrid of factors. Some factors may seem we had no control over its creation.  Some factors we have control over – our beliefs and reactions which determines quality of our living experience.

What are top stress causing thoughts for you?

How would you like to change your mood through your thoughts?

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