Agendas and Motivations

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

How do we get to know ourselves?

Emotions point us toward our needs and desires. We may go through feelings and analyzing our reactions to know ourselves better.

I think there is another way to get to know ourselves.

It is through inquiry and finding out about our agendas and motivations.

No matter if we are aware of it or not, most of our actions are based on certain agendas.

This is not about finding faults rather get to know the real agendas and motivations for doing things.

For example, what happens if several times a day we ask ourselves questions?

–          What is my agenda for working so hard?

–          What is my agenda for being so giving?

–          What is my agenda for not having a clear boundary?

–          What is my agenda for not being fully honest?

–          What is my agenda for rejecting complements or help?

–          What is my agenda for not being kind enough to myself?

–          What is my agenda for being so critical or complaining?

–          What is my agenda for staying in a hurtful relationship?

I have found out such questions, may bring clarity toward what I want deeply.

Such clarity is like exposing a secret when it comes out it frees you of its burdens.

Maybe you may find out the agenda behind your actions is to be loved, to be validated, to make a difference, to be accepted, to feel secure, to survive or to love unconditionally.

There is no judgment here. You are already taking actions based on your hidden agendas and motivations.

Finding your agenda is a great start on acting with awareness.

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