Accept Me: I’ll Fix You

You may run into people who want to “help” others to change. They can spend a great amount of time and energy to take care of their fixer upper person.  This at the surface may be very noble.

Sometimes directing our energies to help others may not be in the highest good of anyone (distraction from helping self).  If we think that we are so special and unique that nobody should question us, then it requires we be considerate of others the same way!  What if the people we think we are helping think that they are unique the way they are?  Do you still attempt to help them by trying to change them?

Accept Me:  I’ll Fix You

Have you observed the paradox?

This is how it goes:

Accept me the way I am.

I am unique and I love my uniqueness.

Do not suggest or tell me what to do!

All I ask you to do is accept me the way I am.

On the other hand:

I need to help you to “fix” yourself.

I can sense what you need without you asking me.

I will help you more than anyone else.

I want to help you so you become unique!

What a paradox!

Why do you want to be accepted the way you are and

not accept others the way they are?

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